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The Miracle Dog MaryJane

Our dear friend Tracy has a beautiful story to share about her miracle pup MaryJane. our KZ Cozy Pup of the Month for May! 

Hi, I’m MaryJane and I’m a survivor and a miracle.
3 weeks after my family adopted me, I was attacked while on a walk with them by a huge dog that was unleashed.
My Mom & Dad did everything they could to release me from this vicious dogs clenches. He was ripping & puncturing my skin with its teeth, then was shaking me like a rag doll and slamming me to the road. Finally, the dog let up and my mommy grabbed me. A Good Samaritan (yes they do exist) rushed us to vet, where they couldn’t help me so then Mom & Dad had to take me to the animal hospital. This is where I remained for weeks. 
I was weak and needed to be in an oxygen tank for days. My family is sickened by what happened. They prayed for me and had a community praying for me non stop. I was in a lot of pain. I had 9 ribs broken, each rib broken in 2 places. Surgery was needed and I was scared. My doctors and surgeon were so nice and loving. My family would visit everyday but once I had surgery we had to remain apart for a few days so I could start to heal inside. 
Finally, after weeks of being in the hospital, lots & lots of prayers, and away from my loving family...I was released to go home!
I was so happy, my family was so happy and the doctors and nurses were so happy! They couldn’t believe I survived and was going home to get better and finish my recovery. I was small but mighty. 
I am going to be 5 years old this month and wanted to celebrate my birthday with you all, telling you my story.  Miracles do happen!  Believe, have faith, have hope and pray.
I’m so grateful to be alive and with my family and they are so grateful to still have me in their lives. I run and play and love to go on walks still. I get a little skiddish when I hear dogs I can’t see but I know my family will always protect me. They HUG and KISS me ALOT! They call me Miracle MaryJane. 
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