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Pyresky Breakaway Dog Collars

We love supporting other handmade businesses, such as Brooke’s Breakaway Dog Collars. You can find her shop on Etsy named Pyresky and also follow her on Instagram @Pyresky for her latest dog collar designs.

We love to celebrate all things handmade, especially when it comes to dogs. Also, when a person, such as Brooke, creates something to solve a problem, the story behind the beginning of a small business is so inspirational. We share in hopes that it will inspire someone else to problem solve & create their own small business, in unison with doing something they love. 

Here is Brooke’s Story of how she got started creating her Breakaway Dog Collars: 

The scariest thing happened in my house when my 2 dogs were playing and my dog Jax got his jaw stuck in my other dog, Logan’s collar. Jax tried twisting out which was hurting Logan. Luckily, I was there to fix the situation. After some research, I found this is a huge problem with other dogs getting caught on fences, jaws, crates, etc. Many pup parents won’t put collars on their dogs for this very reason. I wanted to find a breakaway collar because I love collars on my dogs. I couldn’t find any that would breakaway but still stay on otherwise. So I decided to make them myself!

I use velcro as the breakaway and include 2 D rings to attach a leash that closes the breakway. I am always adding new patterns and always taking pattern requests!

Thank you so much for sharing this Brooke! We wish you all the best in your new business adventure! 

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