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Introducing Ursa Minor Outfitters

We have had the privilege of working with David Tschida of Ursa Minor Outfitters, based in Minnesota, on a project to fundraise for Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue. 

We were happy to create the bandanas from David’s amazing graphic design. Proceeds from the sale of the dog bandanas we have created for David are available on his website:

Here is the story behind the start of Ursa Minor Outfitters:

My company background is pretty simple,

I’m a graphic designer in the twin cities Minnesota and I decided a few years back to get custom mugs with a logo I designed made as Christmas gifts for friends and family. They were a hit and decided to do a new mug every year since. As it grew in popularity I decided to sell some mugs on the side and then thought to make it more than just a hobby. I made the decision in 2022 to create a company highlighting the outdoors & local pride through quality design by local artists, beyond just myself. We’ve started expanding into things beyond mugs like apparel, dog accessories, and soon candles & more! We try to partner with and highlight other small businesses and in some cases forgo profits in lieu of charitable giving to help our community, such as dog rescue. We were connected with Coco’s heart through my sister in law, who is a volunteer, foster mentor and has also adopted 2 amazing dogs herself.

If you would like to learn more about Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue, please visit: 


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