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Cali Is Available for Adoption Through S.N.O.R.T Rescue Organization

We are so happy to be sponsoring S.N.O.R.T Rescue for the month of January 2023. For every product sold we will donate $1 plus extra goodies at the end of the month. S.N.O.R.T. rescue is such a wonderful organization and we like to help them in any way that we can.

That includes finding their adoptable dogs their forever homes. Meet sweet Cali! Here is some information on this adorable dog:

Please visit for additional information on Cali.

Just call me Hot Wheels! I may not walk on all fours like most dogs, but I give them all a run for their
money in my swift and nifty little wheelchair.
I have something called IVDD, which is otherwise known as Intervertebral Disc Disease. It is a spinal
problem that comes from having a herniated disc and makes me paralyzed in my butt end. Hopefully I
will be able to walk like normal someday. My foster Mom has been doing everything she can to help me
achieve that goal including physiotherapy, which is tons of fun. My new parents will need to keep up
with that as well as lots of other treatments to make me feel good and be able to walk.
I came from a family where I was used to breed and because of having all those puppies, today I am not
so fond of them and need to be someplace where there are no puppies and will never be any puppies.
Despite my handicap, I am just so happy with life. I love hanging out on the couch, love getting my little
nose into busyness, am totally friendly and outgoing with everyone I meet, and am very active. They also
tell me I’m very smart and easy to train.
People are my passion. I am so in love with my peeps that I like to do everything they do, and I want to
be with them all the time. Walks are really fun – I can go pretty fast in my wheels – and when I get tired,
I have my own little stroller which is so cool!
I would love to go to a family that has another dog or two. Right now, I have 3 sisters who I play with
every day. Cats? I like them but they don’t like me, so they are out.
I do wear a diaper and it’s pretty easy to change and stuff, but I also poop and pee outside, so that’s a
big plus! Please have lots of toys around when I come, especially bones I can chew on.
Because I am such a happy girl, I would do well in any kind, loving, caring home. The best thing would be
with parents who are around most of the day – I can’t be alone for more than a few hours – and a home
with routines so I can know what to expect every day.
You know what? I’ll let you hear what my foster Mom has to say about me:
Cali is a very sweet and special girl who deserves an amazing loving forever home. We call her our little
bouncing bean. She gets so excited and bounces up and down when she gets excited. She absolutely
loves to be around her people and although she loves it outside, she prefers to be in where it’s nice and
cool. We adore Cali. She has so much love to give and is very happy despite not being able to walk.



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