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Blog Spotlight Pet Sitting by Susan Peterson

We are so happy to have Susan Peterson as a guest blogger! She is an animal care and pet sitting expert. Here is her comprehensive guide to finding the best pet sitter. Thank you Susan for sharing your knowledge! 

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Set Up Your Pet and Pet Sitter for Success With This Comprehensive Guide

Vacations are an exciting time, but pet owners need to be mindful of how they will care for their
pets while they are away. Hiring a pet sitter is the best way to ensure that your pet is taken care
of while you’re gone, and it can reduce stress for your animal while giving you peace of mind.
Here’s a guide on how to prepare for a pet sitter before taking a trip, courtesy of KZ Cozy.

Vet Your Sitter

The first step in preparing for a pet sitter is finding and vetting candidates. Ask your friends or
family if they have any recommendations or check online services. Once you have potential
candidates, make sure to do your due diligence and vet them thoroughly by checking references
and running background checks.

Have Everything They Need on Hand

Once you have found the perfect pet sitter, it’s important to provide them with everything they
need to take care of your furry friend. Make sure that food, toys, beds, treats, medications, and
other supplies are easily accessible for them so that there are no issues during the stay. Also,
provide detailed instructions on how to care for your pet along with emergency contact
information in case something goes wrong while you’re away. Take a look at online reviews for
expert pet care advice, noting those that offer opinions from veterinarians before you buy a new

Establish Rules

It’s also important to establish clear protocols for caring for your pet when you are away. This
includes setting feeding times and walking schedules, as well as any other special instructions
regarding grooming or medical needs that need special attention during the stay. Making sure
these protocols are established ahead of time will ensure that your pet gets the best possible
care while you’re away.

Communicate Effectively

Communication between yourself and the pet sitter is key when taking trips out of town.
Establish communication methods such as phone calls, text messages, or emails ahead of time
so that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations. Doing this will help keep
everyone informed throughout the entire process, which can minimize stress levels all around.

Keep Your Home Secure

When hiring a pet sitter, it's crucial to consider home security measures such as changing locks
or installing security cameras to keep both your home and pet safe while you’re away. It might
seem like an extra expense, but it can be worth it if something happens while you’re gone.
Having this extra layer of protection gives you peace of mind knowing that both your home and
pets are safe from any potential harm.

Secure Pet Insurance

Investing in pet insurance saves you money in case something happens while you're away,
such as your pet needing medical attention. Having this extra layer of protection will ensure that
your pet gets the care they need without delay. Take a look at your options for pet insurance to
find the best one for your needs.

Reduce Stress for Your Pet

Finally, introducing your sitter and pet a few days before leaving town can help reduce stress
levels for your pet, especially if he isn't used to strangers coming into their space. Doing this will
give both parties time to get acquainted before departure day, which should help make the
transition a lot easier. Not only that, you'll be able to enjoy your time away more if you know that
your pet is comfortable with their caregiver. Once they're acquainted, having a pet sitter who
can come in and feed your animal at regular meal times and keep him company will prevent
stress for the duration of your absence.
Hiring a pet sitter takes careful thought and planning, but doing so significantly reduces stress
issues for your pet and gives you peace of mind while you're away. Take a look at online
product reviews before buying anything new, and remember to maintain communication with
your sitter. With the right preparations, you make the process a smooth one for both of you.

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