Wondering what our clients think of our services? See for yourself.

“My groomer closed her shop and I had two shih tzus coming. After trying two other groomers, I got a recommendation for Beth at Happy Tails. She has a warm, comfortable place that is never crowded or noisy. My little girls are happy to go there, not afraid, and they look beautiful when finished. We have been very pleased, and hope that Happy Tails will be there for us for the little one’s entire lives.” – Carolyn

“There isn’t enough room here to tell you how wonderful Happy Tails is. My daughter found them when I was facing chemo, radiation, and surgery for cancer and my husband was in hospice. I didn’t know what to do about my beloved dog, Danny, and my cat Puddy. Happy Tails took over and has been a God-send ever since. That was in June of 2008. I love these people…truly. When I was in the hospital and then in a nursing home for rehabilitation, they not only took care of my pets but took in my mail, watered my house plants and watered the flowers in my garden. Try to top that. I will never stop having Nancy and Beth as my pet caretakers. I now can manage on my own for most things but depend on them for giving my dog Danny a long walk…which is difficult for me. And when I’m going to be away for more than a few hours, they take over for me. Beth empties the litter box every few weeks and scrubs down the box and renews the litter. Litter is heavy and to bring it up from the lower level is a challenge. I don’t need to worry. She also will cut the nails of Puddy the cat…no small chore. Nancy takes both Danny and Puddy and lies on the floor in the living room with them…giving rub-downs and special attention. What more could you ask? I feel blessed.” – Jean

“Happy Tails Pet Sitting helps me have happy vacations! Beth is very conscientious and loving with my 3 cats. She not only takes great care of the felines, but she also brings in the mail and newspapers and makes sure the house is secure. A big high paw for Happy Tails!” – Marchann

“My husband & I were contemplating getting a new puppy, but didn’t want to leave her locked in a kennel all day while we were working. Luckily my neighbor was using Happy Tails and gave Beth, Duane & Nancy a wonderful recommendation. We decided to get the puppy and have Happy Tails do a mid-day visit . Well, it is three years later and we still have Happy Tails coming to our house every week. Maggie and Molly have become best friends and Molly absolutely loves the visits, walks and playdates she gets with Maggie. We love the little notes detailing their visits each day. Beth also does a wonderful job grooming Molly!” – Laurie

“Beth & Duane and Happy Tails are the best! We have had them sit for our dog, Chloe, many times over the past several years. Not only will they feed and play with your pets they will take them for walks, brush them, give any required medications, take in your mail, water your plants, etc. We even had Beth wash and groom Chloe a number of times . . . .Very reasonable costs for both services.” – Becky

“Tom and I found Beth & Duane and Nancy last August when we were going on vacation and one of our cats was sick. We were going on a cruise and were able to communicate by email every day as to how Oscar was doing. It meant so much to know that he was being taken care of. They had to give him medicine that wasn’t an easy task. Oscar would hide and they would have to find him. It was also comforting to know that someone was watching the house. The kitties welcomed Beth and Nancy back in December when we took another vacation. At that time, Oscar was feeling much better and they could see how both cats are very loving pets. They even bought them Christmas presents! We would recommend their services to anyone.” – Barb

“Beth and Duane have been life savers for me and my husband. We have 2 cats, and a very old dog – who unfortunately is no longer with us – We are gone a lot and without Happy Tails I’m not sure what we would have done. The care they provided to my older dog was just amazing – unfortunately he got sick a lot and needed medicines several times a day – and they always just took care of it – never complained and I think they loved our dog as much as we did! Now they come and take care of our cats – our schedule is always last minute and they are always accommodating – truly wonderful and very kind people. I trust them implicitly with my home and my babies. Beth & Duane and Nancy are all very special people and you’re the lucky one by doing business with them.” – Donna

“Happy Tails Pet Sitting has been my pet sitter for the last 5 years. Both Beth and Duane are incredible and very reliable. I have 7 feral (wild) cats but somehow over time,they were able to get my cats to sit on their laps and follow them around the house. Highly recommend Happy Tails for any pet sitting service needs.” – Amy

“I have one of these dogs that is afraid of everything and the other loves everyone. Happy Tails Pet Sitting is just wonderful. They were willing to come in and work with my dogs before we went away. My dog who is afraid of everything just loves Happy Tails. He feels very comfortable with them and isn’t as stressed because we are away. My dog who loves everyone acted as if we weren’t gone. Happy Tails made our vacation more relaxing knowing our dogs are well taken care of.” – Debby