Losing Chip Poker online , Guarding internet cafe get Killed

An online poker mikipoker   enthusiast desperate to kill the life of an internet cafe because his poker chip is lost stolen. Doing perpetrators stabbed the cyber warrior who is thought to know the thief of the poker chip owned by the perpetrator.

Kasubdit Detective Mobile Directorate of Criminal Investigation General of Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Aris Supriyono said if the arrest of RPS (47) occurred the day after the killing of Leonardo (25) on 25 July 2017 ago. (Read: Male Bodies Blood Stirred Stirring Senen Citizens)

“Based on the information we got, before the victim was killed, the victim was invited by RPS to come out of the cafe at night, the next day at 16.30 WIB, our RPS was secured at Jalan Salemba II, Cempaka Putih,” he said on Wednesday (16/8/2017 ).

Explained if the motive of the murder is motivated by the hurt karen chip poker actors feel stolen so uncomfortable gambling poker. (Also read: Before Killing Blood Wasted, Leo Walked 300 Meters After Killing)

“Monday, July 24, 2017 around 20:00 pm, RPS playing gambling poker at home with menggunkana computer, when RPS play poker chipnya lost, and this has happened several times before,” he said.

For his actions, the perpetrator charged with article 351 verse (3) of the Criminal Code jo article 338 of the Criminal Code of criminal acts of persecution jo murder with the threat of sentence of 20 years in prison.

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