Enthusiastic Citizens to ‘Superman’ Watch the Total Solar Eclipse in the US

Washington – Citizens in the United States can witness firsthand a total solar eclipse on Monday (21/8) local time. They do not want to miss that rare moment. Enthusiastic to see the solar eclipse is not only shown by citizens in the US but also the super man ‘Superman’. What kind of hilarity welcomes the natural phenomenon?


Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (22/08/2017), a number of residents in Hopkinsville, Kentucky set up tents and chairs in the yard of the James Bruce Convention Center. They also set up a telescope to see firsthand the solar eclipse. Called the Kentucky area is the location where the solar eclipse can be seen beautifully. ‘


In addition, residents also gathered at the bridge Depoe Bay, Oregon to witness the solar eclipse. The filter glasses have them ready for direct viewing.


Not just US citizens who enthusiastically want to see a total solar eclipse. Superhero man, Superman also did not want to miss that moment.

A large Superman statue in Metropolis, Illnois uses special eclipse glasses. It was done as a celebration form to welcome the total solar eclipse.

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