Losing Chip Poker online , Guarding internet cafe get Killed

An online poker mikipoker   enthusiast desperate to kill the life of an internet cafe because his poker chip is lost stolen. Doing perpetrators stabbed the cyber warrior who is thought to know the thief of the poker chip owned by the perpetrator. Kasubdit Detective Mobile Directorate of Criminal Investigation General of Polda Metro Jaya, … [Read more…]

FIFA Announce 24 Best 2017 World Player Candidates

FIFA has announced 24 players who became the candidate for World Player of 2017, Thursday (17/08/2017). In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who else is included in it? As in previous years, the names of Ronaldo and Messi are still highly prized candidates. Ronaldo is more favored after successfully delivering Real Madrid won … [Read more…]